Poetry by Roy Bliss

The poems contained on this site are the work of Roy Bliss and copyright is held by Roy Bliss.

No reproduction is allowed without permission.

E-mail: poet@rag.org.au

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc expresses its gratitude to Mr Roy Bliss of Bulimba, Queensland, Austraila for his kind permission in allowing his fine poetic work and his drawing of illustrations to be published on our site so that the community can share in his work.

Because of the nature of the work we have decided to scan some of his work as complete black & white pictures unfortunately they may take longer to load than text files but his drawings are hard to separate from the text in some cases.

Honourable Members


Getting Older

Glimpses of the Sea


"On Bulimba."

Mitchelton Memories


Toorbul Days

The Brisbane River

The Broker Joker

The Lady Glofer

At the Boat Show

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