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Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman, an economist or just a politician.  

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This is a page from the Australian Standards AS 1742.11:2016 B2.4 to do with the orientation of parking signs.

Permission to reproduce has been granted with many thanks to Standards Australia.AS1742112016.jpg

Which way should "No Stopping" signs face?

Should there be any paint or message on them?

In the Moreton Bay Regional Council area many "No Stopping" signs which face across the road and not towards oncoming traffic.

On both State controlled road and Local Government roads.

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd welcomes Federal and State commitment to rail

A enlarging web site about restricted, undersized, and unmaintained drainage channels, creeks
and culverts in the Lytton / Lindum / Hemmant, Wynnum West areas of Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council Shame File # 53

How long has there been complaints about blocked drainage in the Hemmant and Lindum areas?

Check out The Brisbane Courier of 23 April 1928 "Letters to the Editor" on page 3.

The text below is of that "Letter to The Editor" of 23 April 1928


Sir,-The whole countryside at Hemmant and Lindum is under water this morning. The fault lies with the mouths of existing old drains having been filled up by the river dredges with silt pumped on the banks. The population around here have approached the City Council time after time to have this evil remedied. Letters also have been written, and the Progress Association has made efforts, but all of no avail. The situation becomes worse every time it rains, and has reached a point now where some drastic action seems necessary at once.

We are paying higher rates, values have been increased, and there is no doubt about it, we are getting practically no local attention worth mentioning. After all, the local bodies were more competent to deal with local affairs than this unwieldy Greater Brisbane machine which has been set up, and seems to be unworkable, to handle minor affairs, no matter how urgent they are. As drainage is the first principle of health, and we have set up a Health Board, with a mosquito department and other bodies, it would seem that some practical action would be taken on these lines, especially when several approaches have been made to the authorities in that direction.

However, the inactivity of a body set up to look after public health and comfort is amazing. If the Greater, Brisbane scheme is to have public approval and confidence, different lines of action will be absolutely necessary to prove their .worth, and merit their existence. So .far, .the public around here is sadly disappointed with- their efforts and results, and has cause to be. We have no-individual right to act, and w" cannot personally go and remedy the drainage evil, under threat of legal action, and collectively, though many efforts were made, and are still being made, we seem to be also powerless. This state of affairs is very serious. We cannot remedy the evil ourselves, and the body set up to remedy it will not act. We really pay for service, but are refused the service we pay for.

We cannot clear out and leave our places, where we have toiled and spent our money in improvements. The old settlers here had a drainage board. They had drains dug, and floodgates put in, and we, the advanced generation, allowed them to collapse, and we allow further that the Harbour Board can bank up all the possible means of water escape with silt out of the river, and we look on powerless.
We see our cultivations flooded, knowing that the neglect of duty of the authorities we set up are responsible for the damage, yet we are seemingly powerless to act. What is wrong here? Someone must rise up and move; some final effort must be made to improve the position. Drainage is the first principle of health and comfort, and it is the council's bounden duty to see to it.
I am, sir, &c.
Hemmant, April 10.1928"



Just one example. The next two photos are of the same culvert.

Sandy Camp Road Park Lytton

How important is Lytton and Hemmant to Brisbane's economic future?

Below is photo of Hemmant Creek, Hemmant.

Notice the four box culverts.

Then Hemmant Creek then tries to flow out through the three pipe culverts in photo below.

Just past (downstream) these partially blocked pipes there is a very restrictive

tidal gate that doesn't even hold back incoming tides.

Eventually these culverts were cleaned out before 13 December 2013


Don't wonder any more why residents at Hemmant suffer unnecessary flooding.

Hemmant Creek's tidal gate does it hold back flood waters.


This site covers Hemmant Creek. Main Drain, Lindum Creek, Channel 4 and Iona Drain.

All queries to


If you live in low areas of Hemmant or Wynnum West and have flooding issues
you need to read this web site to find out why and just who is irresponsible and why.

(Be Prepared as we (BCC) are not!)

Rates' Money for signs but little for drainage.

Brisbane City Council Shame Photos of the Month

January 2013

Lindum Creek just after it was cleaned out.

The gully along Lindum Creek was filled in for acess and fill not removed.

The flood water just opened the blocked drain and washed the fill into Lindum Creek.

It's time for the BCC to start again but this time reinstate all the blocked off drainage channels and culverts that allowed drainage into Lindum Creek.



Blue Care's development at Richmond Road Carina Queensland is non-compliant with the conditions imposed by the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland.

The Brisbane City Council appears reluctant to enforce those conditions.

View Web Site

Brisbane City Council SHAME FILE # 51


What did Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan promise to do about Aircraft Noise on 25 February 1996?

Watch and listen to the 2 short videos of their speeches to concerned voters.

Brisbane's new compact hard to read Phone Book 2011-12 by Sensis (TELSTRA owned) SUX


Queensland Main Roads and RoadTek Shame Files

Main Road are responsible for road side signage maintenance along most state controlled roads this does not mean it happens.

Being an equal opportunity employer it appears that limited sighted employee are employed to watch out of faded signage and pot holes.

Airservices Australia SHAME File

The Australian Public have been subjected to a Airservices Australia HOAX Policy for more that 15 years in their attempt to artificially reduce reported noisy aircraft across Australia.

Sept 2010

School Speed Zone Signs in Queensland

were mainly non-compliant with

Department of Main Roads'

Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Design. Uniformity in design includes the selection of the appropriate sign shape,
colour, size, legend or symbol, and reflectorisation or illumination if the sign has
significance at night.
• Application. It is essential to denote similar conditions with the same device, or group of
devices, so that road users can readily anticipate the course of action required.
To use a device in a manner inconsistent with its use elsewhere is confusing and
consequently creates a potentially hazardous situation.
• Location. Uniform location helps drivers to notice the device and interpret the situation

Page 1 of

The Bligh Labor Government announced the upgrade of all school speed zone signs with a mainly uniform times of operation across the state.

Driving in Brisbane has its pitfalls as traffic signage is not maintained.

Brisbane City Council can afford expensive legal council to prosecute you if you park on unsigned section of Brisbane's streets.

("There can't be signs everywhere,'' (Brisbane City Council) barrister Thomas Pincus told the court.)

If you see or know where there are faded or unreadable traffic signs please email me.

Email address is near the bottom of every web page.

To see many many more blank and near blank traffic signs check out my new Brisbane City Council Shame File No 51

For web site: press here

TOTAL Brisbane City Council signs FOUND photographed AND REPORTED SINCE 12 DEC 2010 is now 200

Do you travel in T2 lanes in Brisbane when you should not?

Do you always read the signs?

Can you read the signs?

Photo taken at 6.04 pm 10 December 2010 Official sunset was 6.38 pm

Sunset on June 7 until June 12 in 2010 was 5.00 pm.

Times of operation is 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Could you read this sign after sunset with low beam headlights as the times are 2.5 m above the road surface..

What does Queensland Transport literature have to say about placement of traffic signage?

"Signs should be mounted clear or roadside vegetation and clearly visible at night assuming
low beam headlights."
RE:page 7

Yes I know that there is a mistake in the quote above but you will notice the quotation marks as that is the exact wording in the document.

Is this just good enough?

Further information

New Group

NO PHONE Towers Near Schools


No OPTUS Tower near Brighton Homes and Schools Action Group


The Queensland Government's 'Solution to Pollution is Dilution'.

With this in their mind they have decided that,

the best filters for recycled sewerage and fluorides is

South East Queensland's human kidneys.

The Fluoride Issue

Do you really want poison added to Queensland Drinking Water?

See our

Egg Fluoridation experiment

READ this web site now and write to your Politician today.

The results from chronic fluoride poising during tooth formation called Dental Fluorisis from groundwater in China containing 4 to 9 ppm fluoride.


Shame File Nov 2007
Brisbane City Council inaction


The missing link in the energy puzzle



Queensland Government changed Education Act August 2006

Queensland Government changing Education Regulations after State Election


School Uniforms now part of the Act just not the Regulations.


Director General of Education in Queensland has trouble

deciding shoelace compliance

If your child is having trouble with school uniform compliance

don't expect the Director General of Education Queensland to be of any help.

The Director General can't even decide on shoelace compliance.

***New Book Release ***



Link to Minnippi Against Development web site

A web site dedicated to protect Minnippi West Parkland from 13 Ha housing, resort golf course and habitat destruction on Brisbane's east side on public land zoned sport and recreation which was resumed 37 years ago for a PARK and road widening



Brisbane's Environment and its residents cannot afford
Unfiltered and Untreated Road Tunnel/s Exhaust Stacks



BEWARE Second Dual Gauge Freight Line is planned to access Fisherman Islands Port through Brisbane's Eastern and Southern Suburbs.

When the existing Dual Gauge Rail Line was built in most cases only back yards were resumed thus the noise from the freight trains was even closer to residential homes.

We expect that the second Dual Gauge Rail Line will require the resumption of most residential properties on the northern / western side of the existing Dual Gauge Line from Acacia Ridge through to Wynnum North.

Energex SUX

Shame Files

Why you may ask?

They have no publicly available Public Consultation Policy Document.
Why do we want it?
So we can tell when they are not following policy.
What is wrong with ENERGEX present consultation?
Their vision of consultation is to tell you what they have decided to do to YOU
and you most probably have no chance in changing their decision.
We have a copy of the Queensland Labor Government Policy Document on Consultation.
Please e-mail us requests for a .pdf copy.

Quote of the week:

As Øystein Dahle, former Exxon vice president for Norway and the North Sea, observes, "Socialism collapsed because it did not allow prices to tell the economic truth. Capitalism may collapse because it does not allow prices to tell the ecological truth."


Quote of the decade:

Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman, an economist or just a politician.  

Top Issues of the month

Energex decided before any consultation with local residents to place a new 33/110 kv power line near residents at Wynnum North on Brisbane's East.

The new power line is to supply the Port of Brisbane at Fisherman Island.


Caltex Oil Refinery Clean Fuel Project Community Submissions March 2004

NO Golf Course in Bulimba Creek Wetlands

On Monday 3 Feb 2003 The Civic Cabinet of the Brisbane City Council (Queensland Labor Party) approved a submission to build a new golf course and 160 houses on BCC sport and recreation land at Cannon Hill.
This land adjoins Conservation Zoned land which is inhabited by Australia most dense colony of Squirrel Glider Possums.
The land on which the Golf Course is proposed is mainly a Conservation Grade Wetland / Flood Plain and much of the remaining land is covered by tree canopy and is prime Squirrel Glider land.
Many trees will be lost and any replanted trees will need to be at least 200 years old to produce hollows which provide homes for Squirrel Glider Possums.

More information on the Squirrel Glider Possums
More about the Golf Course

Just how slack is the Queensland's E.P.A.?


The Glyphosate threat 1

The Glyphosate threat 2

Acrylamide In Cooked Foods: The Glyphosate Connection

(Glyphosate = Round up = Zero)

If Queensland (Australia) is the "SMART STATE" Ms Premier,
then who is making all these STUPID decisions???


Brisbane Urban Corridor

A Queensland Government's Shame File
Shame on Qld Transport and Qld's Labor Government

Waterway Pollution

Shame Photos of the month April 2004

Shame Photos of the month November 2002

Shame photos of the month June 2002

Shame video of the month November 2001

More (different) Shame photos of the month November 2001

Shame Photo/s of the month June 2001

Shame Photo of the month October 2004

Shame Photo of the month November 2004

Australian Inland Rail Expressway Web site

Check out paragraph 17. (The first paragraph 17)

Fisherman Islands to Melbourne Rail Line REPORT.

New Rail line from Melbourne to Darwin to end in Brisbane
(Stage One)!!!

You must check this site out.
Correspondence to Gumdale Progress Association
No New Rail Line through southern Brisbane

Especially now we are no longer in Parliament

Does Queensland Rail want to build a new rail line through your back yard, through your local bushland, through some significant state forest?

Check out the public consultation on new rail infrastructure

How to save money and have an environmentally friendly Christmas

Rod Welford reneging on 1998 Promise to set up an Urgent Review Committee on Land Valuations in Queensland.

Promise for an Urgent Review never happened.

Now he is no longer the Natural Resources Minister and now not even in Parliament.
Just goes to prove this is one politician and his promises you can't depend on.

We now have a new Minister and the same promise!!

Expansion of Port of Brisbane at Fisherman Islands: Community Submissions

Phil Dickie Stories.
On Environmental Issues
Queensland Top Investigative Journalist

Eco-justice Praxis Group released June 2000:
Brisbane Gateway Ports Area Strategy
An Assessment of Environmental Impacts and Risk Factors.
must READ last two pages on air quality for Brisbane & S/E Qld Residents.

Pollution by SHIPPING


New Groups/New Listings

"...anyone can:   How to start an environmental group and win a campaign",
the book is now available on this web site.
A must READ for any new community/environmental group starting out.

Does the Brisbane City Council watch this web site?
If so, are they concerned?
Should they be 1?
Should they be 2?
Should they be 3?

Press Release: Prime Minister Abandons Economic Rationalism

The Endangered List.

Complements of developers and BCC / Planners.

Community Groups' Home pages

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

Ban Aircraft over Residential Brisbane B.A.R.B.

Biohazard Action Alliance

Freight Rail Action Group FRAG

Minnippi Wetlands/Parkland under threat by BCC Golf Course

Modified Foods

Moreton Bay Environmental Alliance

local history books Mt Gravatt Historian Literature Circle for sale

No OPTUS Tower near Brighton Homes and Schools Action Group

POETRY by Roy Bliss.

Protect ALL Remaining Redland's Wetlands Action Group

School Uniform Debate

Sunshine Coast Residents Demanding Hormone Free Drinking Water Action Group.

Truth in Valuation Action Group

Wetlands under threat

Government Departments, Corporations and contractors

Brisbane City Council's Rogues Gallery
Bunnings Warehouse Rogues Gallery
Department of Natural Resources' Rogues Gallery
ENERGEX Rogues Gallery
Environmental Protection Authority's Rogues Gallery
Ipswich City Council Rogues Gallery
Q-Build the saga continues
QLD Department of Housing's ROGUES GALLERY
Redland Shire Council's Rogues Gallery

Pollution sites

This page links to most Pollution pictures sites on RAG site.

Emptying their mixers and barrows

Concrete Cutters

Directional Drilling Pages

Aggregate Driveways

Pollution by creek catchments

Brisbane River Pollution Points

Breakfast Creek Pollution Points

Blunder Creek Pollution Points

Oxley Creek Pollution Points

Norman Creek Pollution Points

Pashen Creek Pollution Points

Perrin Creek Pollution Points

Bulimba Creek Pollution Points

Wynnum Creek Pollution Points

Lota Creek Pollution Points

Coolnwynpin Creek Pollution Points

To protect wetlands or not to protect wetlands Queensland style

Quotes to Quote


Great News
The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

New Community Noise Meter delivered 29 January 2000

Register your very noisy site in Brisbane in our data base being developed.

RAG's Peak Groups Consultation Policy

Acid Sulphate Soils

The 1998 Waltzing Matilda

The Legal Pages

Port Road (to Fisherman Islands) Consultation

Cancer link to Power Lines

Telecommunication Towers

AHD tide heights

OTHER SITES to visit

List of Contacts for Local Groups.

Queensland State Government Acts

Australian Government Acts and other reports Index

Australian Federal Members of Parliament and Senators:   E-mail addresses

E-mail Access to Queensland Ministerial Press Releases - all or some

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