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The Biohazard Action Alliance (BAA) has been formed from an amalgamation of local community groups that are opposed to the inappropriate location of Biotechnology Research Laboratories within the residential environs of Brisbane.

The Biohazard Action Alliance (BAA) has been formed from an amalgamation of local community groups that are opposed to the inappropriate location of Biotechnology Research Laboratories within the residential environs of Brisbane. Our membership comprises the St.Lucia Residents' Association (SRA), the Long Pocket Concerned Residents' Group (LPCRG), the Ironsides Residents' Association (IRA), and the Residents Against Intensive Development (RAID), that have variously been operating for many years or that have "sprung up" in response to the threat posed by the "gene tech factories" proposed under the Government's "SmartState" initiative.

Our support base numbers in the thousands, which can only snowball as the community become aware of the hitherto clandestine implications of Premier Beattie's so-called Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology, which is purported to become a major hub of the Asia Pacific Rim.

The residents are vigorously opposed to the Natural Sciences Precinct (NSP), being built on the site of existing smaller laboratory facilities, currently owned by the CSIRO and the Queensland State Government, in conjunction with the University of Queensland; and the Joint Building Project of the UQ / CSIRO (comprising the Institute for Molecular Biology and the CSIRO Divisions of Tropical Agriculture, Health Sciences and Human Nutrition, and Plant Industry), on the site of the existing Cunningham Laboratories adjoining the UQ St Lucia Campus, at Carmody Road, in residential St Lucia.

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