The SOS committee has called upon several environmental groups to rally at the TENDER BOX situated in the Customer Service Centre at the Brisbane City Council Administration Building at 69 Ann Street Brisbane on Friday 8 th January 1999 at 12.00 noon.

The Brisbane City Council’s tender closes this Friday 12 noon to construct a Golf Course on the western bank of Bulimba Creek at Cannon Hill / Carina. The Golf Course is planned to be of Championship Quality.

Such a development would expose up to one million cubic metres of Acid Sulphate Soils, increase flooding and pose a real threat to the survival of the large colonies of Squirrel Glider Possums which inhabit the adjacent bushland.

Mr Wilson, the spokesperson for the Group said, "The Lord Mayor has allowed this process to proceed and his actions can no longer be seen as caring environmentalist. The Lord Mayor promised up to one million dollar fines for developers who indiscriminately bulldozed bushland when Vegetation Protection Orders were introduced. This promise has not been fulfilled in more than six years. Now he is embarking on his own bulldoze the bushland campaign all for another Golf Course."

The Tender Documents propose that up to five hectares of public land can be developed into private housing estate which will in turn introduce more cats, dogs and children into this sensitive area thus putting even more stress on the Squirrel Glider Possums Colonies survival.

Mr Wilson said, "An open invitation is now extended to all concerned environmentalists to attend the opening of the Tender Box to show a display of concern about this ill conceived proposal this Friday."

FURTHER DETAILS: Barry Wilson, spokesperson 07 3399 6204 e-mail

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