The photos below were taken on the land between Lytton Road Murarrie and the Brisbane River adjacent to the Gateway Bridge in the background of photo 1 during late 1999.



1. Shows burning of vegetation. Pit burning is said to be a smokeless procedure!

Note the remaining vegetation in the background to the right of the smoke.

2. 3.

2. Photo taken with a Sugar or Squirrel Glider Possum high on a dead branch. 3. Is a magnified picture of same.

4. 5.

4. Photo of the glider possum 5. Is a magnified view of the glider possum.

Unfortunately the camera used did not have a zoom function.

The remaining vegetation is fragmented and may be removed in the short term. There is a grave concern that the remaining glider possums either will be starved out or bulldozed over.

Investigations are now being undertaken to obtain co-operation and permission to relocate the remaining members of the colony of gliders to a nearby protected area with an existing colony of Squirrel Glider Possums with the co-operation of the developer, BCC and Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

  1. Read environment study.

8 Dec 1999

It's too Late for them

January 2003

Gliders tree home was knocked down

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