What Can You Do

Environment Australia tells us wood smoke contains chemicals that we know can affect our health.  Some of these cause respiratory (breathing) problems, and others are known to cause cancer; Brisbane City Council says "(wood heater impacts) can lead to serious health effects for owners of wood heaters and their neighbours",  yet wood heaters continue to be installed within metres of peopleís bedroom windows, without any consultation with neighbours.

The Queensland State Government also acknowledges the use of domestic heaters used to burn rubbish In some cases it might be necessary to clarify that burning of rubbish in domestic fuel heaters or BBQS is considered as waste incineration and is therefore prohibited (South East Queensland Regional Air Quality Strategy). 

Donít suffer in silence! 

We as a community have the right to breathe clean air, especially in our own homes and expect governments to enforce that right. Make your concerns known to your GP, Local Council and Councillors, State Members and State and Federal Health and Environment Ministers and demand better air quality. Let the media know that this is a health and environmental issue that is not being adequately addressed.