Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor The Courier Mail, Brisbane 6th July 2002 in response to a letter published 3rd July that said (in part) Brisbane City Council should review its priorities in regard to the prosecution of wood burning pyromaniacs such as myself. 

CRISPIN<>  Walters (Letters July 3), who can see nothing wrong with smoky wood-burning heaters, obviously has never lived near someone who uses one day and night, and who couldnít care less about asthmatic children and elderly neighbours with respiratory problems.  The sooner this is banned in cities the better.

Letter to the Editor The Courier Mail, Brisbane 12th July 2002 concerning burning-off practices 

THE winter weather in Brisbane used to be a wonderful respite from the oppressive heat and thick humidity of our summer.  Now, each year itís a time of acrid smoke-filled mornings.  Whatís the use of pollution control on cars, banning smoking in public places, when the city air fills your lungs with soot anyway?  Backburning is not the answer.  Itís slowly poisoning us.

Letter to the Editor, Adelaide Advertiser 13th August 2002.

"How Now Brown Cloud

Forget the Asian Brown Cloud, the Fairview Park Brown cloud is just as unpleasant, just as dirty, and a lot closer to my home.  In fact the neighbours' smoke comes into my lounge room, and, selfishly, they don't even care.  It's time to ban all wood fires in the city.  I need protection from my neighbours' pollution.  We need a new law."