Extract from Lung Net National News
May 1999

Smoke and winter fog makes a nasty mixture which we call smog!  Its not very nice to breathe in, and it can have serious affects on your health, particularly if you have a lung condition. 

The Tasmanian Branch of The Australian Lung Foundation is involved in a community campaign to help reduce the incidence of wood smoke pollution and the harmful effects it can have on our health. 

A study of air pollution in Tasmaniaís Tamar Valley from 1991 to 1994 found high levels of particle pollution in winter, giving the city of Launceston even higher levels than industrial and urban centres like Newcastle, Dandenong and Port Pirie.  In the Tamar Valley 96% of the airborne particle pollution was caused by burning wood. 

This problem is not confined to Tasmania.  There are other pockets of serious air pollution in other southern Australian states, especially in populated valleys where wood is used for home heating. 

The campaign currently running in Tasmania has some lessons for us all. 

Firstly, if you canít avoid using wood for home heating: