"Wood Fired Heaters.....Ambience or Asthma Risk?"

Article from Redland Shire Council Newsletter July 2002

Wood-fired heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Redland homes, because of the character and ambience they create during the colder months.  However, with this popularity comes issues regarding health impacts and public nuisance. 

Smoke from residential wood-fired heaters can raise pollution levels potentially affecting your health and that of your neighbours.  Wood smoke inhalation can contribute to respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis and regular exposure can have the same health effects as passive smoking! 

Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for wood-fired heaters last winter, Council received over eighty complaints about smoke nuisance about half of all atmospheric complaints relating to pollutants.  This number is increasing every year. 

It is the responsibility of the owner of a domestic wood heater to ensure that smoke does not cause irritation to their neighbours. 

Redland Shire Council currently enforces Local Law 18 to prevent smoke from heaters causing a nuisance, annoyance or irritation to others.  The maximum penalty for this offence is $3750.00.

If you have a wood heater installed, there are ways to reduce the smoke and pollutants- 

  If you’re looking for a suitable heating system for your home, consider cleaner alternatives such as natural gas-fired heaters.