Air Pollution

The pollution control technologies will not work using fuels with current levels of sulfur, however.

Therefore, the EPA (USA) regulation requires a 97 percent reduction in the sulfur content of highway diesel fuel from its current level of 500 parts per million to 15 parts per million.

Diesel vehicles are among the prime sources of the pollution that leads to smog.

NOx and soot emissions contribute to smog and haze in urban areas, parks and wilderness areas, cause acid rain, and pollute coastal fishing and recreational waters.

Health experts (USA) say the emissions that the regulation is expected to eliminate contribute to more than 360,000 asthma attacks and 386,000 cases of respiratory symptoms in asthmatic children every year.

Respiratory illnesses linked to air pollution also lead to 1.5 million lost work days, 7,100 hospital visits and 2,400 emergency room visits for asthma each year, the EPA (USA) estimates.

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By Cat Lazaroff

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